Welcome to my blog!



This is my first blog post so I thought it would make sense for me to tell you more about myself and why I got into the sleep consultant business.

I’m a mother of three young children aged 6, 4 and 1. They are great little sleepers now, but it has not always been that way. I struggled with various sleep issues with my first two. I know what it’s like to struggle with sleep and to be sleep deprived as a result.

Fortunately, by our third child I felt I was finally getting the hang of baby sleep. It was at this point when friends started asking me for advice and I came to realize just how much I loved helping people get their little ones sleeping well (and seeing my friends happier and well rested was a big bonus!)

Realizing this new interest, I decided to pursue training and education in pediatric sleep. I was thrilled to be chosen to train under Dana Obleman, a pioneer in the field of pediatric sleep coaching and the creator of the hugely successful Sleep Sense™ program.

I started Lindsay Lewis Sleep Solutions because I want to help your little one, and you, sleep well. I love sharing my knowledge and creating solutions that work for the entire family. I do this because I want you to regain your sanity and start enjoying your time with your children.

Getting proper sleep is essential to our health, it’s just as important as eating well and exercising. I love seeing little ones and their parents transform as they get their sleep back.

Well rested babies are happier, have stronger immune systems and can deal with illness and teething better.

Well rested parents are more patient, productive and happier.

Book your free 15-minute consultation today to discuss how I can help you get the sleep you need and deserve.