“My husband and I had difficulty with our second child and his sleep. At 4 months, we were rocking, swaddling, using a soother and often feeding to sleep. He would not consistently nap and would wake many times throughout the night. We had researched a few sleep books/methods, but really needed the guidance and a plan to help us figure out what would work best for our little man; that's where Lindsay came in. Lindsay met with us and created a very detailed, realistic plan to follow with our son. She was always available for any questions we had along the way, and provided helpful suggestions along his sleep journey. At the end of two weeks, our little guy was putting himself to sleep, with no props, having longer, consistent naps, and had even pulled a few full night sleeps! Thank you so much Lindsay for providing us with the opportunity to see what our son was truly capable of. Everyone is now sleeping better, and our little guy is such a happy camper!”

- The Miles Family

“You are simply amazing at what you do! We were at a complete loss at how to get our four month old baby boy to sleep on his own, longer than 3 hours, and take naps throughout the day - you made it all happen and more! The support you gave us, coupled with frequent check-ins and follow-ups was beyond what we ever imagined and could have wished for! We now have him sleeping and us sleeping which made everything much clearer to say the least! We cannot thank you enough and simply can’t recommend you enough to all the parents out there who are struggling with sleep - it will be the best decision you ever make for you and your baby!”

- Emily, mom to Bennett, age 4 months 

"We were hesitant about sleep training our 6 month old daughter but the hourly awakenings became very difficult to live with. We contacted Lindsay, who's experience, knowledge and professionalism made the process very easy. She listened, made recommendations and supported us while also respecting our choices. Within a few days our daughter was sleeping 8 hours straight and taking long naps in her crib. Lindsay's support was essential to help us with consistency and figuring out what would work best for our daughter. "

- Éliane, mom to Adele, age 6 months

I reached out to Lindsay after my son hit the 4 month “sleep regression”; he was awake every 45 minutes all night every night, and the only way he would nap during the day was in my arms and in a swaddle. I felt hopeless and exhausted.  Lindsay was so kind and patient with us, and was always available for moral support throughout the training process. I would not have been able to do this by myself! My son is now almost a year old and has been sleeping through the night as well as consistently napping twice a day since sleep training 7 months ago. I cannot thank Lindsay enough for helping me teach my son the value of a good night’s sleep! 

- Megan, mom to Rupert, age 4 months

Our little guy is now sleeping 7pm-7am - a milestone that seemed impossible a few weeks ago! We are forever grateful for our happy, well-rested baby and for the time we now have to spend with each other in the evenings. Thank you Lindsay!

- Jeff, dad to Jackson, age 9 months

We reached out to Lindsay following 3 months of disrupted sleep. Around the 9 month mark our little suddenly went from sleeping through the night to being up 2-3 hours per night. We became sleep deprived zombies (baby included); isolated from friends and family, not enjoying our time together and  going through life on auto pilot. Within the first week of following Lindsay's sleep plan our little was back to consistently sleeping through the night. The first 14 days of sleep training was challenging but Lindsay's gentle manner, experience and support got us to our sleep goals. In retrospect sleep deprivation was truly the thief of joy in our lives causing increased anxiety, digestive issues, sickness, and emotional dis-regulation. We are so grateful to be sleeping again as we focus on the next phase of changes that come with the end of maternity leave. Thank you Lindsay!

- April, mom to Olive, age 11 months

I like to think I prepared as much as I could for the arrival of our first born. I read a lot. However, after almost 5 months of swaddling, co-sleeping, soother-replacing, and nursing every hour overnight I realized I did not know how to help my baby sleep. There was so much conflicting information online and I kept getting different advice from friends and family that I became very overwhelmed. I kept thinking that nothing was going to help my baby sleep better. Working with Lindsay gave me the confidence to make the changes my baby needed to fall asleep and stay asleep. I was terrified at the prospect of ditching the swaddle and soother; but the first night went so much better than I expected and each night after that got easier and easier. I immediately noticed my baby was happier during the day and started to hit developmental milestones faster. Having Lindsay's support was exactly what my family needed to get the sleep we were missing. Thank you Lindsay!

- Dhavita, mom to Harrison, age 4 months

After working with Lindsay, I no longer fear bedtime and nap time. What I found the most helpful was being able to chat with her and change the plan according to what was working well and what wasn't -something I wouldn't be able to do if I was doing the plan all on my own. She was always very kind and supportive. Our daughter now consistently puts herself to sleep at bedtime and nap time without any intervention from us, and without her soother! 

- Holly, mom to Ivy, age 4 months

"We came to Lindsay in desperation with a 10 month old who had never slept well. With Lindsay's advice and encouragement, our little one started sleeping through the night in just one night! Of course, our daughter then went through a major developmental milestone a month later, but Lindsay got us through that as well.  Lindsay is very experienced with babies and is calm and supportive. We had never used a sleep consultant before but we are so glad we did!"

- Sheila, mom to Jane, age 10 months, Ottawa, ON

"I did not sleep well in the latter half of my pregnancy nor did I sleep well after my baby was born. Since I met Lindsay and implemented the new sleep schedule I feel well rested and back to my old self! I'm a happier parent and I'm so glad that my baby is getting the sleep he needs. Thank you for helping our family! You changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough!! 

— CS, mom to O, age 4 months, Halifax, NS

I can’t recommend Lindsay enough as a sleep consultant.  She is calm, knowledgeable and empathetic to all of your sleep concerns, and will work closely with you to create a plan that will work for your family.  Once you are ready to learn more about teaching your baby to sleep well, do not hesitate for a second to reach out to Lindsay Lewis for that guidance.

— Aly, mom to Jack, age 8 months, Toronto, ON

"We were in "sleep survival mode"and often times that involved an extended frustrated bedtime and many night wakings that ended in my husband or I sleeping in her bed or her in the middle of us. After speaking with Lindsay, she developed a plan and was confident she could help us. I would have NEVER stuck with the plan without Lindsay's support and confidence that this was something I was doing for the needs of my child (and for us!). I am happy to share that only after one week, things have improved SIGNIFICANTLY at our household. Bedtime is a dream compared to one week ago and night wakings have decreased. Proud to say my daughter has slept alone in her bed for the whole night, the last 7 nights. AMAZING!!! I highly recommend Lindsay's services.

— Krista, mom to Elli, age 3, Halifax, NS

I've read lots about infant sleep but had trouble putting ideas into practice. Lindsay really listens to concerns, addresses specific goals and supported us to succeed. 
She developed a plan that worked for us. She was caring, responsive and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to any family!

— Laura, mom to Vinnie, age 6 months, Ottawa, ON